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In Pre-Alpha stage, Sheep Egg holders can stake their Eggs and begin earning HOPE$ for developing healthy habits. Dreamland is using an innovative "Proof of Attendance" system to reward players for attending live and online events hosted by Dreamland and our partners. Players can also earn rewards for filling out a simple sleep questionnaire each day.

How Does It Work?

Once staked, Sheep Eggs have the ability to earn as if they were hatched sheep. These Sheep Eggs can earn up to 5 HOPE$ / day and earning is limited to 50 HOPE$ lifetime earning.
Players can then "hatch" their egg to reveal the sheep inside. This Sheep is born with the earning reset and can be used to play in Alpha and earn rewards for sleep and healthy habits.

Earning Events

  • Live physical attendance at partner locations (3 HOPE$/day)
  • Dreamland live online events (3 HOPE$/day)
  • Partner live online events (2 HOPE$/day)
  • Sleep questionnaire (1 HOPE$/day)

Purpose of Pre-Alpha

  • Test the "proof of attendance" system
  • Provide rewards for NFT holders
  • Refine the morning check in
  • Support our partners
  • Build the community