How To Play


HOPE$ is the in-game utility token that players earn as rewards for performance and use in the Dreamland Ecosystem. Players can decide to spend their HOPE$ on improving their sheep, purchasing products & services, or cash out for USDC.
DREAM$ is the governance token for Dreamland and can be earned once a player's sheep is level 20. DREAM$ holders are able to earn from staking, participate in treasury fund allocation, and share in Dreamlands success.
DREAM$ earning has not begun yet. Follow our socials for updates.


Sheep are NFTs that are required to earn rewards in Dreamland. Players must purchase a Sheep and equip it in order to Earn4Sleep and Earn4Activity. Each Sheep has a limit to its earning potential, and once it has completed its "earning life cycle," it will no longer be able to earn rewards in Dreamland. In essence, Sheep act as a temporary membership to play. Once a sheep can no longer earn, players will need to acquire a new Sheep through breeding or use items such as "Life Elixirs" or "Clone Gizmos" in order to give new life to their sheep.

Energy and Earning

To begin, players need to charge their daily energy (see "Energy System"). To fill their energy bar and earn rewards players must equip a Sheep before they go to bed. The amount of energy replenished and HOPE$ earned the following morning is based on the player's:
  • Amount of sleep (8 hours for full energy recharge)
  • Bedtime
  • NFT Sheep
  • Sleep score (if wearable device connected)
The energy they wake up with enables them to earn HOPE$ for activities during the day such as walking, meditating, class attendance, etc. until that energy is depleted.
In order to refill their energy again, they simply need to repeat the cycle with a good night’s sleep.

Earning Mechanics