Proof of Attendance


Dreamland will not only reward players for personal activities such as walking, running, meditating, and breathing exercises, but we are introducing an innovative earning system for attending real-world and online activities, classes, and events through Proof of Attendance.

How Does It Work?

When Dreamland members attend an online event or go to one of our partner locations, they will be given a QR code to scan. When they finish their workout, class, meditation, etc, they will be able to scan another QR code to signal the end of the activity. It is that simple!
Players will be rewarded for their attendance time just like any other activity that earns rewards in Dreamland, every 5 min receives 1 energy worth of rewards.


In order to prevent cheating, QR codes will be uniquely generated for each event and only last a a short period of time to prevent players from copying and distributing the QR code. By requiring that players both check-in and check-out with Dreamland or a trusted partner, we ensure that players must stay for the entire activity or risk not receiving their rewards.