Energy System


Energy is required to earn HOPE$ from completing habits, and it depletes as a player earns those rewards. 1 energy is consumed per 5 minutes of habit performance.
In order for a player to replenish their energy, they must equip a sheep and get a good night’s sleep. The amount of energy and HOPE$ they wake up with the next morning depends on the player's bedtime, quantity / quality* of sleep, and sheep.
Sleep earnings depend on how much energy is being refilled. In order to maximize earnings every night, a player must deplete all their energy before going to sleep.
Example: If a player has a maximum of 4 energy per day, but they have 1 energy unused, then they will only earn for the amount of energy refilled that night: 3 energy.
*sleep quality score requires wearable (see "Overview -> Wearable Devices")

Total Player Energy and Max Cap

Player energy depends on their sheep collection. Total daily energy begins with 2 energy for 1 sheep (required), and players are limited to a maximum of 20 energy per day (see "Collection Incentives").