Sleep/Fitness Tracking

Wearable Requirements

In order to upgrade Sheep past level 10, players are required to connect a wearable device.
Important! Wearable connection is not required for players to earn a profitable return on investment.

Why Wearables?

Dreamland is on a mission to give everyone access to their personal health data and provide them with valuable, personalized recommendations to improve their lives. We believe activity and sleep monitors play an important role in providing players this data, and are essential for Dreamland to develop more sophisticated health recommendations and a more enjoyable game in general.

Which Devices?

Dreamland currently connects to Apple Fit and Fitbit, but will be adding more devices as time goes on.

How Do We Use the Data?

Don't worry, all data is stored securely, it is not sold to third parties, and it never will be sold without the player's express permission. The data will be used to train our AI to improve our habit recommendation algorithms so that each user will receive a more personal game experience. This data will also be made accessible to the player so they can personally review their information.


Biometric data is also very important to prevent players from cheating. This not only prevents bad actors from taxing the game economy, but it ensures that players are actually required to perform healthy activities and improve their lives through developing these habits. Win for the community and win for the individual.